How much does it cost to use Ticketmelon?
It’s Free! Events listed on Ticketmelon are completely free, no monthly charges, membership costs, or setup fees, with an added benefit of data insights of your events!
If your event is a free event, you will not be charged. Depending on your ticket price, we have a flex-fee ranging from 2% to 3.5% of the ticket price plus 9 – 15THB per ticket.

Still confused?

Ticketmelon only charges you for the fee when the sale is completed.
The fees are broken down into 2 parts:

1. Ticketmelon Service Fee: We offer a dynamic pricing tier for Event Organizers depending on your ticket prices.

2. Payment-processing Fee: To ensure that all transactions made on Ticketmelon is secure, we use a third-party payment gateway provider to enable all transactions. This fee is a flat fee of 3% of the ticket cost.

To learn more about the fees click here
Which payment channels are available for attendees?
Attendees can purchase tickets by using credit card or with cash. Ticketmelon offers cash payments in multiple forms namely bill payment, over the counter, and mobile banking. Both payment channels are turned on by default giving flexibility for attendees.

Ticket buyers will be charged an additional 3% of the ticket price for all transactions.
How are fees deducted?
Fees are deducted automatically upon each successful transaction.
Total fee deduction will be displayed in the quick statistic page under the Net Payout section

For more information regarding payouts click here
What is a Gate Agent?
A Gate Agent is the person who validates tickets at the event!
Gate Agents accounts are different from the Ticketmelon accounts in that the purpose is for entry management only.
Each Gate Agent account is unique so no duplicates!
To learn how to manage Gate Agents click here.
How do I manage Gate Agents?
Each Gate Agent must have a unique username and password created at the Gate Agent page in your event. To create a Gate Agent follow the steps below:
  1. Click on Gate Agent button from the event quick statistic page
  2. Create a unique username and password for your upcoming event and click “ADD GATE AGENT”
  3. Your newly created Gate Agent will be displayed below. You can delete unwanted Gate Agents here as well.
To delete a Gate Agent account, click on the trash icon and press ok
How many gate agents can I have?

You can have up to 50 Gate Agent accounts per event.

Each page will only display 20 accounts at any given time.

To learn how to view the scan log of each Gate Agent click here.

What is a valid ticket?

Valid tickets can be found in the Ticketmelon Application,, and in your email.

Proof of transaction is not a valid ticket and cannot be substituted as such.

How do I validate a ticket?

To begin validating tickets for your event, Gate Agents must download the TM Gate Agent app

  1. Login with a Gate Agent Account. More information on Gate Agents can be found here
  2. Click on validate to start scanning
  3. Scan the QR code
Where do I get the Gate Agent App?

The TM Gate Agent App is available for both iOS and Android devices.
You can download by clicking the link

For iOS devices click here

For Android devices click here

What does each status mean?
  • A blue check mark shows that the ticket is valid
  • A red mark is an invalid or damaged QR code

When both the 9-digit code and QR code cannot be validated, the ticket is not a valid ticket for the event. Attendees can access tickets in the 3 places below.

  1. In the confirmation email sent to their email account
  2. Under the My Tickets page (accessible after signing in)
  3. On the Ticketmelon mobile app in the My Tickets tab. QR code is viewable by pressing view ticket.
How can I check if the ticket has been scanned or not?

The entire scan log can be viewed under the Ticket Verification Log page.

To access this page follow the steps below

  1. Sign In to your Ticketmelon account
  2. Click on your event poster
  3. Click on the Ticket Verification Log in the navigation bar
How to create an event?

To create your event click here

Step 1: Event Details, Organizer Details and Design

  1. Fill in your Event Name, Date, and Location
    1. Fill in your event name and start and end date and time
    2. Let attendees know your venue name! Venue description is for giving specific details for your attendees ex. Hall 101, 3 rd Floor
    3. Type your address on the search box in the maps or manually pin it.
  2. Event Description and Organizer Details
    1. Give a brief description of your event! You can add YouTube videos and images in the event description.
      To add YouTube videos directly into the event description follow the steps below.
      1. Open the video you wish to share on
      2. Click the ‘Share’ button below the video
      3. Click the ‘Embed’ button next to the link that is displayed
      4. Copy the iframe code and paste it into the event description box
  3. Event Organizer Details
    1. Let your attendees know how to contact you
      1. Enter your Event Organizer name and upload your logo. We recommend that your logo should be 150 x 150 px

        You can also add your LINE id, Facebook, or website under the advanced settings.

  4. Design
    1. Here is where you can upload your poster and customize your page here.

Step 2: Ticketing

  1. Creating Tickets
    1. Enter your Ticket name Ex. General Admission
    2. How many of those tickets do you want to sell in the quantity section
    3. How much your tickets are going to cost. If your tickets are free, just check the Free Tickets box.
    4. Under the advanced settings, you can provide more information with the Ticket Details section such as a complimentary drink for a certain ticket type.
      Custom Selling Period allows for you to customize the sale duration of this particular ticket. The default for ticket sales is from now to the end of the event.
      Ticket Status lets you set the availability of the ticket. Attendees can buy a ticket if the status is available. Unavailable tickets are still visible on the event page but cannot be interacted with. You may also put a short description as to when the ticket will be available. Ex. Available at the Door.
    5. Ticket Visibility is used for hiding a ticket from the event page. Hidden tickets can be made visible for specific ticket buyers by using a promotion code. Learn more about Promo Codes click here
  2. Ticket Fees
    1. Ticket Fees are based off of the ticket price. Ticketmelon allows organizers to absorb all the ticketing fees, pass fees onto the ticket buyers, or partially absorb some of the fees.

      If organizers opt to pass on fees, or would to absorb part of the fee click on the advanced settings to see how much is being charged and deducted.

      The fee slider allows for full customization.

Step 3: Publish

  1. You can customize your URL to anything you want. The default URL is based on your event name.

How to know if event is live/approved?

Once Ticketmelon has approved your event, you will be notified via email. The status below your event name will also be changed from "Pending Approval" to "Active"

How to edit my event?

You can edit the details of your event by clicking the Edit Event button on the organizer navigation bar. This tool allows you to change nearly everything except the Ticket price and Fee Option.

What do the numbers mean in the quick statistics page?

The quick statistics page is a summary of your event page – ticket sales and demographics.

Event Statistic

Here you can view the ticket sales summary by total ticket sales, individual ticket types, payout, and individual orders.

The Net Payout Box shows how much you will receive, where the Gross Ticket Sales is the ticket price plus Ticketmelon’s fee. The pass-on fee (if applicable) is the Ticketmelon fee that organizers may pass on to Ticket buyers. This is selected when the event was created.

Under the Recent Orders sections is where all the order and order details are displayed. You can search for the order number, name, or email address.

Web Statistic
This section displays the event page statistics by views, visitors, and ticket buyer demographics.

How do I view my event?

Your event page will only be visible by the organizer until it has been approved.

As an organizer, your page can be accessed from the Event Management pages by clicking Event Page button on the organizer navigation bar.

How do I create a promo code?

Send an email over to with the information for your promo code details and we will set it up for you!

When will I get my ticket money?

Organizers are able to request for a payout at anytime by clicking on request payout button. Your payout will be processed and you will receive your funds within 5 – 10 business days, after all transactions have been settled.

How are the fees transferred?

Ticketmelon will transfer the ticket sales directly to the organizer’s bank account.
An email will be sent to your account once the funds have left our account.

How do I get refunds?

Ticket Buyers can request a refund, to which we will forward their request over to you for review. Whether the refund request is approved or denied is entirely up to the organizer’s discretion.

If you wish to grant a refund request, then please email us at

What happens when my event is postponed or cancelled?

Ticket sales for postponed and cancelled events are refunded to the ticket buyers in accordance to the Organizer Agreement

Ticket Buyers for events that are cancelled will automatically be refunded.

How do I cancel an event?
If you wish to cancel an event, email us at and we'll do it for you!
Please note: We will refund all guests who have bought a ticket prior to the cancellation.
Can Ticketmelon issue refunds on my behalf?
Ticketmelon will responsible for every refund case by the time we will contact your if there is any specific reason. If the refund case occurred when the event has ended , we will contact you for an optimal solution.
Can I set up the time duration of the ticket sale?
It is up to the Event Organizer to specify. Ticket sales can end by time or quantity.
Privacy Policy & Organizer Agreement

Click on the links below to read our legal policies.

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